Our Range of Service Offerings


How we work to meet your needs -

We provide important, timely, hard-to-access knowledge that helps companies make more informed decisions. Our research consultants integrate primary research, secondary research, competitive intelligence, and expert insight to solve our clients’ most challenging business issues.
Here is a top level view of the range of services we offer:

Market Intelligence

Do you need specific information about your industry, your markets, government regulation, who to do business with in a foreign country, or some other important business fact? > Yes? > Then click here to learn more...


Competitive Intelligence

Looking for specific insights into what your competition is, what they are doing, and where opportunities are? > Yes? > Then click here to learn more...


Legal Support Services

Need information about your industry, your markets, regulation, business relevant facts? > Yes? > Then click here to learn more...


Our custom competitive intelligence & legal support services are used by a wide range of companies to support their daily business activities. Every request is dealt with individually by our consultants.

We have industry experts who will work with you in as close cooperation as you need - mirroring the way you work best with your own advisors, key subordinates and trusted personal assistant.
We can handle complex requests according to your requirements. Our range of service options spans short and concise tasks as well as detailed and more time consuming studies.
Many research requests we get are focused on answering specific questions and these typically can get turned around within three working days. Rush requests often can be handled the same day.
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