Our Range of Service Offerings


Legal Support Services -

Lawyers argue cases and give opinions but sometimes they need help sourcing facts, connecting with appropriate other-field/subject-matter experts, or determining who best to contact in some foreign country on a particular legal matter. This is where we can help.

Our legal support consultants provide assistance to lawyers and those who need to help of lawyers particularly when the legal help needed is in a foreign country. This work they do under the direction of a trained and fully qualified lawyer. Importantly, clients and prospective clients should know in advance that our legal support consultants do not and cannot act as lawyers nor provide legal services that only lawyers are allowed to provide.


What are Legal Support Services?

   CNi Rapid Research's Legal Support Services is a fact and
   knowledge sourcing service of use to lawyers and those
   who need legal services that lawyers provide.


Range of Legal Support Services

  The range of legal support services we offer include:

    1) Background Information & General Research

    2) Specific Fact & Subject Matter Research

    3) Expert Testimony Sourcing

    4) International Service Sourcing

    5) Patent Research

    6) Juridical Information

    7) Regulatory Reviews

Our group's legal support services have been used in a wide variety of situations to support client legal objectives. Our consultants deal with every request individually with professionalism and an appreciation of the importance of getting timely and correct information.

Two-thirds of all requests we get are typically turned around within three working days. Rush requests often can be handled the same day.
We can handle complex requests according to our client´s requirements. Our range of service options spans short and concise tasks as well as detailed and more time consuming studies.
Our fact sourcing experts can work with you, our client, in as close cooperation as you need - mirroring that way you work with your on-staff key subordinates or trusted personal assistant.
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