Our Range of Service Offerings


Business Intelligence -

Need to know what is over the horizon, see around some corner, understand what's coming or know who you can do business? Well, we can provide you with just that sort of important, timely, hard-to-access knowledge so you and your company can make more informed decisions quickly.

Our research consultants integrate primary research, secondary research, competitive intelligence, and expert insight to solve our clients’ most challenging business issues.


What Business Intelligence has to offer?

   Business Intelligence is all about helping you 'see over
   the horizon'

   Having insight into what is going on locally and
   internationally in your market, with the industry and
   in your various regulatory environments is like knowing
   what is out of your direct line of sight but still in your way.

   Such information is valuable and actionable, for by knowing
   it you can alter course on this side of the horizon and still
   get to where you need to go, to 'your objective'.


Range of Business Intelligence Services

   Our range of business intelligence we can provide
   you are:

    1) Transaction Counter-Party Reviews / Background Checks

    2) Industry Reviews & Market Assessments

    3) Regulatory Requirement Reviews

    4) Foreign Market Related Information

    5) Specific Knowledge Sourcing

    6) Reference & Reputation Checking

    7) Recognized-Expert Fact Advisory

    8) Strategic Planning Input

Our custom business intelligence services are used by a wide range of companies to support their daily business activities. Every request is dealt with individually by our consultants.

Two-thirds of all requests we get are typically turned around within three working days. Rush requests often can be handled the same day.
We can handle complex requests according to our client´s requirements. Our range of service options spans short and concise tasks as well as detailed and more time consuming studies.
Our industry experts can work with you, our client, in as close cooperation as you need - mirroring that way you work with your on-staff key subordinates or trusted personal assistant.
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